An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Ecommerce Strategies

Instagram is used by 1.2 billion people every month. With the rise of social commerce around the world, Instagram has emerged as a vital social media tool for expanding an online store’s customer base. Customers who are unfamiliar with your company or its offerings can be won over with the correct marketing tactics. You’re using social media to actively seek out customers rather than relying on them to find your store.

Top 20 Instagram eCommerce Strategies for Business Expansion and Higher Revenue
Here are the top 23 Instagram eCommerce tactics you can implement to not only attract more social media followers, but also generate more revenue.

Establish the Voice of the Brand

Take some time to consider the colours, typefaces, and overall aesthetic you want to convey on Instagram, whether that be playful, professional, feminine, etc. The tone of the brand can be lighthearted, solemn, amusing, etc. When posting on Instagram, it’s important to consider both tone and aesthetics.

Raise Recognition of Your Brand

If you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing, it’s best to hold off on talking about your wares until later. Make branding content that explains your brand’s history, values, and the special benefits you provide. Take the examples of “meet the team,” “behind the scenes,” “CEO,” and “brand story” as an example.

Make something inspiring and original

Keep the focus off of yourself and your wares. Use a sizable portion of your words to inspire and entertain. This content is more likely to be shared and so attract followers and engagement than brand-specific content. Examples include memes, inspirational statements, and viral videos.

Hold contests and give away prizes

Instagram contests are a great method to gain followers and spread the word about your account. Offer the victors something unique, such as deep discounts or freebies, and set contest rules that will help you expand your reach, such as encouraging participants to share the post or tag as many people as they can.

Create Chat-Based Material

Don’t be timid about striking up conversations with your listeners. Engage your audience by inquiring about their interests, thoughts, and suggestions. You’ll see a rise in engagement and brand loyalty as a result.

Solicit material from users

The Instagram community places a premium on user-created content. Instead of uploading images of your products, why not solicit user-generated content in the form of photos or video reviews? Word of mouth, in the form of user-generated content, is more genuine and inspiring.

Advertise sales and special prices

Use Instagram to promote sales and discounts, then watch your website traffic soar. Landing pages should be created for mobile-friendly offerings.

Incorporate Imaginative, High-Quality Images

Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Images that have a distinct message and original concept are essential in a timeline packed with visual content. Invest in a skilled photographer if your budget allows it. With their assistance, you can take stunning product shots and other media assets.

Create brilliant photo captions

Create concise, punchy captions with a clear message and genuine value while keeping the brand’s voice and goals in mind. The caption should be thought-provoking and prompt the reader to act.

Make use of price tags

Instagram’s new “product tags” feature is a fantastic shopping tool. Be sure to tag each product included in your content so that your audience can easily identify what is being promoted. Who can say? Perhaps they’ll decide to purchase it.


Always use hashtags when posting online. Hashtags increase the likelihood that users other than those already following you will see your content. Make a memorable, succinct hashtag to represent your company.

Increase the number of hashtags and keywords associated with your sector that people might use to find your company online. Include hashtags that capture the spirit of your article. But don’t go overboard with the hashtags. The ideal range is between five and eight.

Communicate with Your Audience

Take part in a live chat with your fans, respond to their comments and suggestions, and answer their questions. Keep your tone light and conversational, and don’t be shy about using emoticons.

Utilise Instagram’s Story Function

Use Instagram Stories to Communicate with Your Followers. It’s a great way to let people in on some secrets, tease a new product, or publicise a sale.

Make use of Instagram’s highlight reel

Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, however Instagram Story Highlights are archived forever. Put your best works in one convenient place. The stories may be about a new product you’re releasing, a fantastic behind-the-scenes film, or anything else that attracted a lot of attention and is worth keeping.

Make Instagram Highlight Videos

In comparison to Instagram Stories, Reels are far more hip. They’re not limited to your followers and they don’t expire after 24 hours like stories do. Instagram reels can be used to demonstrate how your items are used or to convey your brand’s origin story.

Make use of Instagram’s advertising features

Instagram advertising that you pay for will yield positive returns. You may increase website traffic or accomplish any other goal you have by zeroing in on a specific subset of the population that shares your interests and demographics.

Take a Look at Instagram’s Analytics

You may learn a lot about your content’s performance, optimal publishing times, interaction levels, and follower growth through Instagram Insights. Your company’s success depends on marketing choices that are informed by data.

Make Use Of The Instagram Store

Incorporate Instagram Shopping into your business’s Instagram profile to give your customers a one-stop shopping experience. Create a catalogue of products, shoot engaging product photos, and design a killer aesthetic for your Instagram store. Imagine it as the entrance of your shop. This will allow users who aren’t following you to discover your products through the shop feed and Explore page.

An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Ecommerce Strategies
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