Shopper Insights From Instagram Marketers, Featured On The HubSpot Blog

Instagram is developing into a purchasing platform that combines e-commerce and social media, in addition to being a booming social media channel with a wide variety of video, Story, and live stream capabilities.

We surveyed 580 Instagram advertisers and discovered that utilising the app’s purchasing tools yields the best return on investment (ROI) compared to any other Instagram tactic.

However, it might be difficult to know where to begin due to the abundance of shopping options available in feed-based articles, Reels, Live video, Stories, Guides, and the dedicated Shop button.

Which Instagram Shopping Tools Are Most Effective?

The most popular and effective tactic among Instagram marketers is the usage of shopping capabilities within the platform. The most crucial point is that we’re only at the beginning.

Only 37% of app users are making use of the app’s purchasing facilities, but that number is expected to rise to 94% this year. In addition, one-third of Instagram users want to make their first purchase using the app this year.

More than a third of marketers utilise shopping features like Instagram Feed Post Shopping, Instagram Stories Shopping, and Instagram Guides Shopping, all of which are also among the most profitable.

Reels Shopping has the lowest utilisation and ROI of any Instagram shopping option, yet 42% of Instagram marketers still plan to utilise it this year.

Should Instagram Shopping Be Your Sole Distribution Channel When Launching a New Product?

A question that arises when considering whether or not to sell products on Instagram is whether or not you need a separate website.

While 59% of Instagram marketers claim their clients use both an Instagram profile and a website, 41% say their clients rely only on the Instagram shopping features.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of Instagram marketers have found success with an Instagram-only launch, and 83% of those marketers have worked with a company that did so.

Another strategy to increase brand loyalty and reward followers is to release a product exclusively to your Instagram audience.

This is just one example of the numerous positive outcomes that have resulted from the use of Instagram’s e-commerce features by marketers. Let’s examine the various advantages that social purchasing is providing for marketers.

The Primary Advantages of Instagram’s E-commerce Features

More people will be able to find your items, your consumers will have an easier time purchasing, forming partnerships with influencers will be less of a hassle, and the integration of your products into content will seem more natural Instagram’s shopping features.

As I’ve already indicated, one of Instagram’s main goals is to make it easier for content producers to make money from their work.

While not entirely novel, this function was first made available to just a small number of key opinion leaders in 2019. Instagram didn’t reveal its decision to open up to all Americans until March of 2022.

Shoppable tags in Creator posts make it easy for followers to discover and buy things from your company without ever leaving Instagram. This combines the aforementioned advantages, and more importantly, makes collaborating with creators simple and credible.

Although selling on Instagram has many advantages, it also has its share of difficulties. Let’s examine the most common problems that businesses have while using Instagram’s shopping features.

Instagram’s E-commerce Apps and Their Greatest Obstacles

While 38% of those who use Instagram shopping tools have trouble making sales, 45% are having difficulty owing to too many sales and supply chain concerns, which seems to contradict each other as the top two obstacles marketers experience with Instagram shopping tools.

Future of Retail Will Be Social

The moment is now to begin selling on social media, and Instagram is the platform to use.

If you’re ready to launch an Instagram marketing campaign, our 2022 Instagram Marketing Report will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the most successful tactics, tools, and layouts for your campaign. Check out this post or this comprehensive ultimate guide for some brand examples of how they use Instagram Shopping.

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Shopper Insights From Instagram Marketers, Featured On The HubSpot Blog
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