Marketing With Influencers On Social Media Platforms

One of the most effective ways for companies to expand is through influencer marketing. With an influencer’s following and clout, you may increase exposure to an audience that is already predisposed to be interested in your offerings.

If you’re going to sell on social media, why not use influential people? I’m glad you asked that because the reason why influencers live up to their moniker is because people listen to their advice. Your customers care about brand value at both mom-and-pop businesses and multinational corporations. More customers may be directed to your company and you can gain an edge over the competition with the aid of a social influencer marketing strategy. Everyone benefits.

In addition, companies may choose from a wide variety of social media influencers to spread word of their products. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube are our go-to social media platforms for influencer marketing.

Promote Your Business With Instagram Followers

Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses as a means of contacting their customers. With over a billion monthly users and a wealth of tools for developing original posts, Instagram has become a hub for micro-influencers. Although Instagram removing likes to “depressurize the user experience,” influencer marketing on the platform is still quite effective.

According to recent studies, 83% of Instagram users learn about new brands and services using the app. An overwhelming majority (80%) of Instagram users say they’ve used the site to inform their purchasing decisions after viewing a product or service.

Find an Instagram Influencer Via Your Network

It’s important to choose the proper Instagram ambassador to represent your brand. Consider their target market and the size of their audience. Where do their particular strengths lie with regards to content? Do they collaborate with major companies like yours? Is their audience actively involved?

Instagram influencer apps like and Klear by Meltwater may help you hone in on the most relevant users. You may narrow your search for an influencer by geography and number of followers with certain free applications.

Similar to Google, Instagram allows you to search for branded or related hashtags. Check out the people who are sharing material using the hashtags of interest to you, and see whether they have a sizable following with a high interaction rate.

Develop Effortful Marketing Strategies

The next step after selecting your Instagram ambassadors is to collaborate on creating a targeted Instagram influencer marketing strategy with quantifiable outcomes. Knowing your goals for the collaboration can help your influencer promote your campaign effectively.

Do you want the influencer to demonstrate your new mascara, for instance? Is it OK to have them recount their first experience donning your company’s sneakers? To what extent would you like them to set up a freebie for your product?

Transforming your influencer into a brand ambassador might increase your direct sales. Assign them a special referral link that will earn them a cut of the sales made by customers who click through from their site. Insights like this are invaluable for gauging the impact they have on your brand.

Check Your Developments

At the end of the day, you’ll want some method for gauging your influencer’s effectiveness. This is why it’s important to have more concrete objectives than just “brand recognition” in your marketing efforts. You can tell if your influencer marketing initiatives are having an impact by comparing metrics like website traffic and sales before and after your campaigns.


While the specifics of how and what you promote to your target audience, several principles behind successful influencer marketing campaigns will be universal. To begin, you must identify your target audience. Make a choice on what should happen next. Finally, identify relevant influencers whose followings and expertise are a good fit. Continue to invest time and energy into the partnership, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Get in touch to discover out how our complete Meltwater social influencer marketing platform can assist you in locating, connecting, and collaborating with influencers in your sector.

Marketing With Influencers On Social Media Platforms
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