Inspiring Case Studies In Social Media Advertising

One thing that all successful social media initiatives have in common is that they offer something of value to their target demographic. Take a look at these 17 illustrations for ideas.

Instead, you can check in with anybody with internet connection and share life updates in a matter of seconds, all owing to the power of social media.

What Role Does Social Media Play In Brand Promotion?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide businesses a chance to communicate with a sizable user base.

More than 4.7 billion individuals across the world used social media in 2017, which is a huge pool of prospective buyers.

Use the storytelling capabilities of social media to give your business a more personable feel.

It allows you to attract followers and keep your brand in the minds of your customers without breaking the bank.

Effectiveness Metrics for Social Media Marketing

Let’s talk about how to measure the success of your social media campaigns before we get to the exciting part.
Use key performance indicators to evaluate the success of your social media advertising.

Dove started Project #ShowUS, a social media campaign, since the company recognises there are diverse definitions of beauty.

Getty Images and Girlgaze Photographers have teamed together to hire only women and non-binary persons for this campaign.

The YouTube-only video featured various guys suffering with aspects of conventional masculinity (which Gillette used to laud) such as emotional repression, sexual harassment, and bullying.

The corporation has also pledged to provide “$1 million per year for the next three years to non-profit organisations executing the most interesting and impactful programmes designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal best.”

In Figures

  • More than 30 million people have seen the campaign’s initial short clip.
  • According to Awario (full disclosure: I work for Awario), a social listening platform, the #GilletteAd hashtag reached over 150 million people in just one month.
  • More than normal for Gillette, the campaign-related Instagram postings received 800 likes and 50 comments.

It put Gillette’s old logo next to its new one, demonstrating the company’s openness to adapt.

In addition, the short film’s portrayal of males was divisive; some found it disrespectful.

Someone even started using the hashtag #boycottgillette. However, it accounted for just around 3.5 percent of the total social media buzz surrounding the campaign.


Apple: The iPhone Camera Challenge

Outline of the Campaign

Apple, the most successful smartphone maker in the world, is especially proud of the photos taken with its products.

In order to show off how fantastic its camera is, Apple held a contest in which participants were challenged to “capture the little things in a big way.”

The photos were then encouraged to be posted on Instagram and other social media platforms with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone by the photographers.

From among the tens of thousands of submissions, a team of judges chose ten to be showcased on Apple’s website, the company’s Instagram, and on 10,000+ billboards in 25 countries.

Instead, Shot on iPhone prompted people to talk about the campaign, which dovetailed nicely with Apple’s image for originality, ease of use, and lifestyle innovation.

It piqued the interest of longtime iPhone users in new product releases and fostered a feeling of camaraderie among them.

In addition, it made iPhone owners feel like they were a part of a cool community, which is always a plus.

What’s Your Name, U.K. Starbucks?

Starbucks U.K. collaborated with Mermaids, a group that helps transgender and gender-variant young people, to promote trans rights through the #WhatsYourName campaign.

The marketing expands on one of Starbucks’ most recognisable features—having your name inscribed on the side of your cup—by promising to use only the names consumers provide.

Spotify’s Year-End Recap 2016

Spotify began a promotion three years ago where users could view the service’s most significant musical highlights.

Spotify Wrapped was a dedicated website that displayed your favourite artists, genres, songs, and other data-driven discoveries based on your listening habits.

Even the music you listened to that year might be correlated with the happenings in your life.

After reviewing the statistics, Spotify recommended posting a summary on Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag indicating your favourite musical act of the year.

Inspiring Case Studies In Social Media Advertising
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