Top 8 Social Media Tools For Your B2B Business

Year over year, the number of social media users has increased by 190 million, or by about 6 users per second.

B2B brands need to expand and improve their B2B social media marketing as social media platforms expand. B2B social media marketing is a time- and resource-intensive endeavour that includes everything from influencer marketing to daily or weekly social posts to targeted campaigns.

Which is why having access to the best social media tools is so crucial. But how do you determine which ones are best suited for your B2B requirements?

What features should a social media platform have?

Consider the following guidelines before making a final decision on the social media marketing tools that will yield the greatest return for your company:

The device saves valuable working time. Your social media marketing tool, ultimately, should help you save time. Automation is commonly associated with saving time. Check that the tool is producing the expected outcomes if it automates processes.
The programme is easy to use. You need a tool that can save you time but also be simple to operate. Unnecessarily complex equipment defeats the purpose.
The price tag is reasonable for the instrument. Your resource, ideally, would be cheap if not free. There is absolutely no need to spend more than you have available.

Top 8 Platforms for Social Media Advertising


SharpSpring is the best option if you need a comprehensive sales and marketing platform with powerful social media tools.

Everything you’d want in a social media management system is included.

Company content calendars make it simple to import and arrange media, copy, and hashtags (and your clients)
Automated real-time or future posting to an unlimited number of distinct Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
Track participation and development.
The capabilities of SharpSpring Social are not limited to merely scheduling, publishing, and monitoring. Having a complete CRM marketing automation platform also means having access to robust social listening and conversion tools.

If you want to maximise the benefits of this social media platform, you need to zero in on the most promising leads and begin promoting directly to them right away. SharpSpring facilitates this by providing access to automation based on social media activity, allowing you to easily add those hot leads to a series of relevant emails.


Hootsuite is a centralised hub for managing multiple social media profiles from a single interface. More than 15 million people use Hootsuite, including many employees at Fortune 1000 companies.

Hootsuite simplifies social media management for any organisation, even those in highly regulated sectors like government and education. Every day, businesses find new and creative ways to interact with their customers through our platform.

There are still 12 more reasons why you should try out this B2B social media tool.

Networking site similar to Sprout

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social consolidates a number of useful features—post scheduling, analytics, and monitoring—into a single interface.

One of the few social media management tools that also includes CRM features is Sprout Social, as noted by Alfred Lua. Users of Sprout Social are able to see their entire customer base thanks to this feature.

Their reports are great for teams that don’t have time to spend formatting and reconfiguring data before presenting it to superiors or clients.


It’s common to hear praise for Buffer’s user-friendliness and quick support. It provides tools for writing, networking, data analysis, and group work.

Since the core of the Buffer offering is communication, we believe that openness, honesty, and diversity all contribute to healthier relationships.

Using Hubspot’s Social Inbox

The main purpose of Hubspot’s Social Inbox Tool is to organise one’s interactions across various social media platforms.

HubSpot’s knowledge base states that Inbox lets its users “identify interaction-generating content,” “respond to social conversations,” “gather intelligence about new followers,” and “see social stream matches.”

If your company already uses a customer relationship management system, you can easily track the number of leads and sales generated from your social media marketing efforts by integrating this tool into your CRM.

The Special Edition of Zoho

Zoho Social is an all-inclusive platform that also features a social media scheduling tool. One more useful feature of Zoho is the ability to monitor specific search terms across all of your accounts.

According to TechRadar, “specifically for the needs of marketing agencies,” Zoho’s Agency and Agency Plus packages include features like “brand and communications management for client lists, as well as white labelling.”


Keyword research, AdWords campaign optimization, competitor research, and social media account management are just a few of the many SEO marketing tasks that can be accomplished with SEMRush.

SEMrush can perform tasks like scheduling and image editing. It can be used to manage advertisements across multiple social media platforms and comes equipped with a UTM-builder.

SEMrush’s true value lies in its capacity to integrate a firm’s B2B social media marketing and SEO efforts.


Agorapulse is an excellent tool for agencies and any company that serves multiple customers.

Agorapulse makes it simple and convenient to schedule content, with tools for creating a queue and rescheduling posts as needed.

Agorapulse also allows users to create a customer relationship management database. Conclusion Before you begin your search and compare products, it is important to consider the most important goals for your brand when using social media marketing.

Top 8 Social Media Tools For Your B2B Business
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